Apologies if wrong forum section. Can't find one for 1626.

Riddle me this:
- Loader lift cylinders leak down
- Loader curl cylinders leak down
- Backhoe boom cylinders leak down
- Backhoe outrigger cylinders leak down
- The leak down rate is significant. With 1000 lbs on pallet forks you can literally watch it creep towards the ground. A box blade can take the hoe boom to the ground in just a few minutes.

- First visit to dealer shop they claimed leak down was natural. It kept getting worse.
- Second visit to the dealer they replaced the loader control valve.
- Third visit to the dealer they sent the loader lift cylinders out for rebuild. Rebuilder claimed there was nothing wrong with them but dealer had them rebuilt anyway.
- Neither of these 'repairs' resolved the problem. (not sure how they figured either of these would resolve a system wide problem).

- Fluid tank is full.
- There are no fluid leaks.
- All cylinder response is immediate to control valve instruction.

Anyone have an idea as to what would cause a system wide leak down problem like this?