Hey team, new here. I grew up on a large farm driving some large and powerful tractors as a teenager/young adult. That life is long past and I have recently moved into the world of compact tractors with my purchase of a used Mahindra 1610 with a Koyker 110 loader. The tractor is in great condition but the loader has seen better days. All the ram cylinders leak, most the hoses leak and there is some friction between hoses/fittings and hard points on the tractor creating a situation where premature failure could occur at any moment. I'm kind of sick of it and don't think it's worth my time to keep putting band aides on this thing any longer. I figure I could take it off the tractor completely and do a rebuild of everything and try to get some brackets made to create better fitting points to the tractor. I think it will cost about $1500 + my time (which i don't have a lot of) to do the job.

Alternatively, I found a Mahindra 2540L loader on Craigs List for $3800. It's very lightly used and comes with everything. The loader was meant to go on a 2540 tractor which has more power than mine but dimensionally is very close to the same. I imagine that if it doesn't mate directly to the tractor a few adapter brackets should make it mate up. It's more money but saves me lots of time and, probably, frustration.

So...what are your thoughts? Punch some holes in my reasoning and let me know what I'm missing.