2016 Mahindra 1526 8 Speed Shuttle 4WD Approximately 110 Hours

Very frustrating. I have always used the clutch lock feature to prevent this from happening. It takes about 20 minutes to get it moving. I have to start in 1 Low and hold the shift down and if all goes well I may be in 3 Low after 20 minutes of trying various speeds and gears. It's still under the 7 year warranty, but the dealer says it likely won't be covered as this is due from moisture and rusting in the clutch. I pulled the air/drain plug - no water or moisture came out, but there were small pieces of rust on the inside of the plug.

Very frustrating that this is happening so early on. All the maintenance has been followed as far as oil/filter changes and the changing and topping off the hydraulic filter/fluid at 50 hours.

Are there any methods of trying to break the clutch loose for good without having to split the tractor apart? I've tried breaking it loose bumping into trees, using the PTO, etc.