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Thread: Pilots Jump From Burning Plane

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    Pilots Jump From Burning Plane

    Happened 6 june 2014, the pilot jumped from the burning APU AN-30B in Krasnolimanskiy, Donetsk region . He escaped with the help of parachute. Ukrainian Air Force aircraft An-30B-board number 80, serial number 06-08, Table 15 (Boryspil), carrying out reconnaissance flight during armed conflict in the east of Ukraine, was shot down by a militia DNI MANPADS "Igla" over the village of Nikolaevka near Slavyansk. In the plane caught fire right engine and he fell near the village of Drobyshevo, Krasnolimanskiy Donetsk region. Of the 8 crew members, three were able to escape, killing five.

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    Prayers for the five who didn't make it.

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