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Thread: Lost of power

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    Lost of power

    Hello, New to the forum.
    I have a Mahindra 4550 4WD 2016 model. The check engine light comes on and the governor will not kick in. I understand that sensors control that to protect the engine. I blew out the air filter and it went off and I cut grass for another 8 hrs. Weeks late I get on the tractor and the same thing happened. I replaced the air filter and only after 15 minutes it happened again. I took the filter out and still cannot get any power out of the tractor. My question is, "Is there a airflow sensor that needs to be cleaned and where is the location of that sensor? I have been searching the internet and haven't found any information about the location of the sensor. I would appreciate any advice.

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    Welcome to the forum. I had a similar problem and it was crud in my gas tank. Only enough fuel to get through to idle with. Please let us know what it was with yours.

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