Just purchased a barely used (104 hours) 2016 750 Flexhauler. I'm not certain the first owner ever changed any fluids so I'm changing them all.
Question concerns engine oil. The owners manual I have (Revised 1-1-2015) states on page 36 to use 10W30. On page 60 the oil type is stated to be 15W40. The only 15W40 I see is for diesel engines. Then I go to the Kohler Command Pro booklet, I see the recommended oil is straight 30W above 50 degrees F.

What brand and weight oil are you using? I'm operate in Florida and Georgia where heat is an issue.

Also, the same owners manual states to use 18 ml of hydraulic oil in the front differential. That is just over half an ounce. I feel sure I can determine how much is required after I drain the old, but does anyone know if this stated amount is correct?

Thanks for any help.