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Thread: 2540 Shuttle Low Range Not Working

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    2540 Shuttle Low Range Not Working

    Two payments left on my 4WD 2540 and the Shuttle Transmission Low Range stops working. Tractor has 114 hours on it. Until this happened the tractor has worked fine other than an early software upgrade. I've been using the loader with grapple attachment to lift and haul large 4 to 5 foot, 20-30 inch diameter pine logs to burn pile. Often using 4WD and differential lock during the work period. Under load i've been using Low Range, 4WD when necessary. Yesterday at the end of the day I couldn't engage Low Range with the lever, Only had High, Medium and Neutral. The lever was at the end of the slot in which it operates and could not be pushed further. Got off tractor looked for damage in mechanism and worked the lever in and out as well as 4WD and Differential Lock. Could not see any problems. Managed to get Low Range back and used it for another 5 minutes and then lost Low Range operation again. Looking for similar issues and suggestions. Dealership is coming to pick up tractor for repairs under warranty in a few days. Still operates in Medium and High Range but engaging of Medium seems to have moved on the lever forward an inch or so. Suggestions?

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    From my arm chair it sounds like you hit the linkage and bent it out moved it out of adjustment.

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