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Thread: Mahidra 2555 HST power steering control valve leak.

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    Mahidra 2555 HST power steering control valve leak.

    I bought my 2555 HST used with less than 200 hours on it. The tractor began leaking oil on the rubber mat, just under the steering wheel/dash area. I checked it out and the steering shaft seal was bad on the PSU. This item is made in Korea by the SINJIN Precision Co., LTD. I checked into a repair kit and there is nothing available. The dealer said I would have to replace it with a new PSU for around $1,100. I decided to remove my PSU and disassemble it. There is an inner quad ring #212, and outer shaft seal, 22 x 30 x 5, three larger case O-rings and four small O-rings for the hose fittings. All these will cost me less than $30. I'm a retired mechanic, so I figured I could rebuild this thing and if I mess it up or it doesn't work properly, I'll just buy a new PSU. This problem, the leakage of the PSU shaft seals is a common occurrence for the SINJIN units. They are machine very precision, but their choice of seals is not good. I wish Mahindra would redesign this PSU and have an American company build these, like Eaton or Parker Hannifin. It's a shame Mahindra purchases and install a faulty product for their tractors. To me, this is poor customer relations.

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    These series tractors are made by TYM. Not sure if the pricing would be less for the TYM vs Mahindra.
    Someone should engineer a rebuild kit and market it!

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